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Intercept Dual Diagnosis Support Service

LCPT are extremely proud to announce that one of our Volunteers, Rosalind Costa, has been named as one of the 30 nationally chosen 'Volunteer Ambassadors':  selected to champion the vital role volunteers play in all aspects of life and help the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) to celebrate their 30th anniversary of Volunteers Week.

Rosalind volunteers within our Intercept Service: helping us to advocate and support people whose mental ill-health is a major factor in their substance use. Her passion and commitment are truly inspirational. She has been working with us for over 18 months and donates 16 hours of her time every week. She does this as well as juggling a part-time job and studying for a Drug & Alcohol Foundation degree at the University of Leicester. Rosalind's commitment is even more amazing in that she travels from Oundle in Northamptonshire daily to help us with our drop-in sessions in Leicester and Loughborough.

Intercept, originally funded by Lloyds TSB, received additional funding from the Cabinet Office’s Rehabilitation Social Action Fund in November 2013: specifically to train and support volunteers in order to achieve greater ‘Social Impact’. We are pleased to announce that the project is exceeding virtually all of its targets and we are extremely grateful to all 20 of those volunteers that completed training and to those that have gone on to contribute a total of 444 hours of work with service users. This is a massive input into the lives of people: helping to inspire them to remain engaged with treatment services and address underlying needs.